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Delicious Handmade Accessories

The concept Cukibags.com was born from my love and passion for fashion, sweets and handmade accessories. CUKI BAGS is my soul project, dedicated especially for the girls who dare to make a statement, want to stand out and express themselves, in an unique way.

cuki bags

-from passion for sweets and fashion-

Cuki Bags are handmade purses and clutches designated for the girls who want to inspire others with positive vibes, charismatic appearance and a pinch of that “something special” energy.

Ana Tudora

/ Designer - Cuki Bags

     My passion for handmade products started in 2011 when I created my first handmade accessory for my best friend. At the beginning I thought it was only a passion and I didn’t spent as much time to pursue this creative drive of mine, but all of a sudden I kept on getting requests from my friends for more accessories. Then I said to myself - this must be really something worth to carry on with! so I followed my dream, and years later, here I am ;)

    Each bag and accessory you'll find on this website is the result of my vision and concept, but I can customize it according to your preferences. Just like our customers: those unique handmade designs, accessories, bags, earring or necklaces, want to stand out in the crowd, to glow, make a positive impact and fill everything around with joy, colors and “visual” flavors.

   So here’s to all the Cuki girls out there: Dare to make a difference!